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As most know, I love to blog and I love spending time making my blog better and better. I used to have two blogs, one for my poetry and one for my family. This blog is my new project, to combine my two blogs, and to add new areas of interest to the mix. It is still under construction and has a long way to go, but feel free to take a look at what I've got done so far. Comment on what interests you and feel free to add suggestions. Thank you! Welcome to My Little Corner of Paradise! :)

Poetry Corner

I've been writing poetry since I was in elementary school and I have always loved it. Poetry is like another journal for me. It is one of my favorite ways to express my feelings, especially when I have strong opinions on the topic or have strong feelings about something in general. I created this section of my blog because I like having them all in one place and I wanted a way to share them with others who enjoy a poem now and again. I even have a short story or two added to the mix

Behind Closed Doors

The Behind Closed Doors section of this blog is for married LDS couples and parents. I created it in the hopes that I might be able to help people to find healing and to better understand the importance of intimacy between husband and wife. It also is about when and how to have "the talk" with your children without making them uncomfortable or giving them negative feelings towards the subject. I think this is so important which is why I gave it its own section here.

My Little Family

Just a bit about my family and I. Matt and I have been married since June 4th, 2011. We have a sweet baby boy named Ian and a beautiful tortoise shell tabby cat named Bandit. My husband is a member of the United States Air Force and I am your average stay at home mom. I love my family and I love being a mommy to little Ian.

Everything Else

This section is exactly what it sounds like. I will be talking about all sorts of topics from health to books to which Android apps I find the most helpful. This is where I will be literally talking about Everything Else.